Location: 3315 Coast Meridian Road Port Coquitlam, BC
Phone: 604-944-7711

About Us

Poco Insurance has been serving Port Coquitlam for over 26 years now. We thank all of you who have been supporting us and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. We take pride in our customer service. We are a family run business but are also part of the InsureBC group of companies.

Some of the Speciality Insurance Market Underwriters that we do business with include:

InsureBC Underwriting Services

Beacon Underwriting

Guardian Risk Managers

Premier Marine Insurance Company

Each of these companies have very informative websites with many applications for all types of insurance, personal as well as commercial risk. It is possible to download an application from these websites and have us provide you with coverage within a few hours for most of their insurance products. Feel free to call us and we can assist you in completing the application.

Our Services


Our advisors work for you, not an insurance company.  We take the time to properly assess your insurance needs and shop for the best value on your behalf.  Most importantly, we are here to guide you through the claims process and provide advice, should disaster strike.


As one of Western Canada’s largest network of insurance brokerages, our size gives us access to insurance companies and products other brokers do not have.  After an initial consultation, we can determine which products are most suitable for you, and provide options to customize what is important.


Insurance has become more complicated over the years, and our experienced advisors stay up to date on all the latest changes and coverage available.  Not everyone finds insurance exciting, but it is something we are passionate about.  Because everyone’s situation is unique, and we can match you with the best insurance company and coverage to suit your needs. 

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